21 November 2005

Winter Wear

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With the harsh winter ahead of us, it is time to start pulling out those down coats and ski jackets. However, this is no reason to forget your fashion. Yes - the number one priority should be warmth. Whereas some may want to sacrifice warmth for fashion, this is the one instance where you should NOT choose fashion over practicality. It is not worth it to freeze.

With this said, this is not to say that you can't find both a fashionable jacket along with a warm jacket. Walking around campus in the dead of winter, you are guarenteed to see all types of winter wear. As the weather gets colder you will see the shift in jackets. Each season has a different type of jacket for the season:

  • Spring - This is when you should pull out that blazer. For men and women, wear you're light blazer with a t-shirt underneath to create the casual look.
  • Summer - The light sweater or zip-up sweatshirt is perfect. On the rare nights when there is a light breeze, you need something to wear.
  • Fall - You should consider buying a fleece jacket or fur-lined coat. These are attractive and still warm enough to protect you from the fall days when the breeze is a little too much for a light sweater.
  • Winter - This is when there is a huge change in jackets and outerwear. Those big puffy jackets come out, and everyone is wrapped up in a jacket from head to toe so that only a sliver of their face is showing.

If you are going to remember one thing about winter wear, remember the bigger the better! You want to keep your body warm. Buy a down coat. Buy it with a fleece lining. Buy it with fur around the hood. Anything and everything possible!


At 22:44, Anonymous Henry Anderson said...

I come from the South, and I haven't even seen snow yet, but those winter jacketes look mighty warm..hehe. I'm thinking about getting a North Lace jacket. I heard they're really reliable.

At 22:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, it's North Face! And, I looove mine. I just bought it after I got here also!

At 22:57, Anonymous SRS said...

North face is really warm , very high quality, and subtly fashionable. Everyone respects the North Face!

At 16:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cloaks! easy to make, easy to wear, and, if wool, extremely warm, as they cover head to mid-ankle. you can even wear one over a backback, though it will be less than fashionable, so consider a messenger (or laptop) bag as a sleeker alternative.

At 10:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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