27 November 2005

Electronics as a Fashion Statement

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Many men's style magazines have articles and specials on tech gadgets and other stylish accessories. At MIT, many students prefer some of the more non-conventional accesories. MIT has harbored a "hacker" culture, and students take pride in figuring out ways to make their electronics work for them.

Here we have a photo of an MIT student with his computer. Both of the LCD monitors are connected to the laptop, which enables him to span his desktop across all screens. This is particularly useful when using multiple applications at the same time. iTunes can be placed on one screen with Microsoft Word on another and AOL Instant messenger on another. Additionally, some students prefer to have a dedicated screen to view their e-mail, while they use the other screens to do schoolwork or browse the internet.


At 00:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

another symbol of the spoiled consumer culture this blog exults in. 3 LCD monitors plus many other extraneous gadgets? Is this guy monitoring nuclear power plants or trading credit derivatives? What a waste.

At 13:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...


this dickweed is running M$ Winblows. any electronics fashion points he may have earned by having 3 screens is clearly overpowered by his pitiful choice of OS.

At 22:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, he's a developer and he's working on Vista - he's testing some things he's dev'd..

I'm sure his box duals fedora and some other nice *nix flavors you spineless pubeless anal licking fucktard.


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