21 May 2006

Aviators are making a comeback

Over the past few months I have seen many instances of aviator sunglasses making a comeback into mainstream fashion. Usually, these types of glasses only come on during parties as a way to distingusih themselves in social settings. Here are some examples of recently spotted individuals rocking the aviators:

Kevin (MIT student, future financial analyst) posing for the camera with an MIT course XV (Sloan School of Management) tee:

Randall (MIT Student, Hollister employee) dressed in an Abercrombie (parent company of Hollister) button down:
Judy (impressionable freshman girl) with her roommate Julia, both wearing hoodies:

Special thanks to Tara Chang (MIT '08) for photos


At 16:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the trend now?

At 07:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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