23 December 2005

post your fashion related x-mas gifts!

For those of you buying fashion related gifts, or receiving them, comment on this entry and let us know what is going on in your consumer world.

Are you a clueless recipient of overpriced couture?

Are you a brand whore boasting about your burberry cashmere scarf?

Or maybe just a college student who got sweatpants for x-mas.

Whatever the case may be, we want to know.


At 15:45, Blogger choweee said...

Happy Holidays, Jameel!

As the way things go in Ventura, I am sitting in front of the TV watching Laguna Beach while blogging on my brother's laptop.

Hope you are having an equally thrilling time in Escondido~

At 04:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holidays are a funny time. Especially when you're parents buy you clothes that would have fit you 6 years ago, and they are made for a 10 year old girl, but you are reaching 20.

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