29 November 2005

Casual Underwear

While many MIT students wear PJs while studying. Others choose to wear less. Whether they are minimalists or exhibitionists, there are a certain breed of students who prefer to wear boxers while walking around their living groups. When you put 40 guys in a house together, it would seem that many of them would become comfortable with each other. Part of this comfort involves becoming desensitized with seeing other guys in their underwear. Even when there are guests around, many students do not seem to mind that the fact that they do not wear pants.

This particular student happens to sport the boxers daily. He can be seen wearing them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner in his fraternity.


At 20:02, Anonymous Val said...

thats it...i'm changing schools

At 00:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha now thats hilarious...
=) i like it


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