18 December 2005


With finals in the midst, fashion is definitely NOT the first thing on our mind. I'm sure that many of you reading this blog, are currently cooped up in your dorm room, frat house, or sorority house - finding a way to distract yourself from your horrible tests. After hours and hours of studying, the last thing you need to worry about is what you look like. After 16 hours of sitting in the same chair studying for your 2.001 final or that dreadful 6.003 test, it is not worth your time to get out of those comfy sweats to just run to Verdes.

If you take a quick trip to Verdes to grab a 2am snack, you will see the student center swarming with students in their scrubby clothes because it is just NOT worth the effort to look good during this stressful week. Guys and girls alike all wear the classic comfortable baggy sweat pants and oversized scrubby tshirt.

But, it is almost time for Winter break, when we will head back home, and everything will soon be nice and relaxed! If you take a week to look scrubby - don't worry, you're just like every other person around campus.


At 16:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that is an interesting point that you bring up. Finals week is clearly one of the most stressful weeks here at MIT. Who the hell is going to take the time to get dressed to just get a sandwhich from Verdes or Alpine.

I think that I've been sitting in these same pajamas for the past.....three days? But I am sure that I've seen at least half my hall in the same clothes all week! It isn't that we don't want to change, it is just not worth our effort or our time. Cramming for tests takes a great deal of time - and honestly, I don't care if anyone is going to judge me on what I'm wearing this week.

Next week in comparison, I will just look THAT much better.

This week - is when everyone can show off their cute pajamas and "comfy sweats".

At 19:22, Blogger Jameel said...

I disagree with your whole thought process. I feel better when I have showered, shaved, and look good. I have actually looked better this week than I have the last couple weeks. At least for me, I take pride in how I look and I like to look good during these crunch times.

Last night, I had my collar popped while I was eating a nice dinner in Boston, and the night before I was dressed nicely when I ran into some fellow MIT students at Boston Commons. They looked nice as well.

Even though it is finals week, I think people should take the extra 5 minutes to get ready in the morning because I doubt an additional 5 minutes will help you much with learning fourier transforms.

At 19:09, Anonymous Jacqueline Song said...

I understand that you are one of the writers of this blog, but I think that maybe some people want to take the extra 5minutes to "pop your collar", but why not be comfortable under this time of immense stress? I don't always need to look 'pretty' 24/7.

When finals finish, I will look that much better.

At 19:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweatshirt & sweatpants is all I need to say.

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