29 November 2005

Pajama Jam

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College students tend to spend most of their time working, but this still includes hours upon hours spent in their dorm room sitting at their desk - studying. Even if it is a nice day out, with the sun shining, unless all of their work is done, these students are cooped up hard at work. Every once in a while though, most people will throw their books aside to enjoy the pleasures of taking a walk along the river or exploring the tourist sites around the city.

As one of the largest college towns, Boston is full of college students in their dorms, out on the streets and all around the city. However, you will not see many MIT students around because life here is about "studies, studies studies." MIT is not just any college. Along with about 12 hours of class a week, for the average student, (if you attend all of your lectures), the average student will spend over 50 hours studying in order to barely pass their classes. The stress that MIT presents sometimes keeps students from tidying their look, but some of the most comfortable and most attractive pieces of clothing can be found in the pajamas that students wear around the dorm.

Studying in the dorms, there is no reason not to be comfortable and to look good at the same time. Pajama pants come in all different colors, patterns and styles and are fit for everyone - men, women, boys and girls. It can look good with a loose t-shirt, a fitted tank top, or even a matching pajama top. You can tell a lot about a person from their pajamas. The traditional stripped pajamas show that they enjoy the classic look, whereas pajamas with bright green frogs can represent the adventurous personality.

You can find students wearing pajamas at all times of day. Many students sometimes even roll out of bed and walk to class in their pj pants to save time. If you are reading this entry and thinking to yourself that you do not own any pajama pants, make this your next purchase! Trust me, you will be comfortable and love your new purchase. It is the one outfit that you can wear any time of day and almost anywhere on campus. Take advantage of your college life, when everyone knows that your main goal is to find comfortable clothes that are convenient and enjoyable to wear!

Make sure to buy your roommate a nice pair as a nice holiday gift as well!


At 22:39, Anonymous Julia Y. said...

Actually ... they're usually in pajamas. I live with those people.

At 22:50, Anonymous SRS said...

Pajamas are not fashionable. They are a lame excuse for not wanting to put out any effort. If you are doing it to be comfortable, that's legit, but don't kid yourself into thinking that anyone will be impressed and think you are "fashionable." Your last paragraph says it all. Most pajamas are received as gifts. They really don't say much about you as a person.

At 22:53, Blogger ChatterBoxTiger said...

I think that this is very true in the world of MIT. Since we have so much work to do a lot of our time is spent in the dorm rooms, studying. However, here in the dorms, even though many people still want to be "fashionable" in case they run into that special someone, it isn't enough incentive to get dressed up.

Personally, if I saw someone even remotely dressed up in the dorms, I would probably look at them funny. This is why most people you will see in the dorms, will be wearing pajama pants. I have these pink penguin pj pants that I wear a lot, mainly because I think that they are cute, and because they are fleece - so they keep me really warm.

I wouldn't say that people necessarily choose their pajamas to make a fashion statement, but sometime they do make a comment on someone's personality. For instance, if you saw a 6'4 buff guy walking down the hall with butterfly pajamas, most people would probably think to themselves:
"hmm...never would have guess that he had a soft side like that."

He might not have a soft side, but this is what his clothing tells us.

Interesting what fashion can say...isn't it?

At 23:34, Anonymous glo said...

People should really get into wearing scrubs instead of pajama pants. They are way more comfortable!

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At 15:01, Blogger Daniel Ross said...

I used to work at Google building clusters and would sometimes be there 70+ hours a week to push out a new version. I got dressed every day. Now I'm back in college and I never leave the house without at least putting on some comfortable but appropriate clothing like blue jeans and a t-shirt. I get the feeling that all MIT students who feel sorry for themselves because they have to study 50 hours wear pajama pants to class. Don't wear your pajamas anywhere but to bed. Nobody wants to see you make a fool of yourself in a vain attempt at "student fashion".

P.S. Don't take this to heart, I'm just ranting because I wish I could say this to the ten or so people who just walked by my schools library wearing pajama pants.


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