19 November 2005

Accessorize with a Scarf

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Why do you think that she has such a big smile on her face? This is because she has one of the new trendy scarves for the season.

Since we are all now living in a snow city, a scarf is one of the most essential types of winter wear you will need. Coming to MIT, I was not expecting a lot of people to have very much fashion sense....and they don't always....but one thing that I do see a lot of are scarves. All different colors, all different lengths, worn in all different ways. I think that scarves are a nice way to add some style to your outfit.

Some people who are originally from Florida or California may not see the importance of a scarf, but when it hits -15degrees, you will see why you need a scarf! The good thing is that it will always match with anything you wear!

Funny Faces

DISCLAIMER: The girl pictured in these photographs has given us permission to use these photos of her. She is showing her creativity and love for cameras.

It is interesting how a camera can change the human face. Do you ever wonder why your face looks so different in the mirror than in pictures? Maybe it isn't you, but it is just the camera? It can also work the other way around - you can look tons better in a picture than in real life. That is the sad truth.

To keep yourself entertained, try looking in the mirror and push your cheeks together, open your eyes real wide, and then see what you look like. It will always put a smile on your face.

So in her own words...

Girl: I'm not giving the camera credit!
Girl: I'm the one altering my image
Girl: I have a talent for making myself look beautiful!!

...She deserves the credit. Not the camera.