08 December 2005

Christmas Fashion

There is a group of people who seem eager to influence their friends during the holiday season. In my opinion, this is the best time to force your beliefs upon others. I am not talking about religious beliefs, but rather beliefs on fashion and fashion accessories. I interviewed a young man who had no sense of fashion and did not care if his shirt matched his pants. As such, he was a great target for a fashion makeover.

I photographed some of the gifts he received over the past two years, including a tie and pocket square from Pink, and a card holder from Louis Vuitton. Both brands are great mainstream luxury labels and these gifts should fit in with almost any somewhat fashionable wardrobe.

After receiving these gifts and others, he went back to the stores and exchanged a few items. He also bought some shirts, belts, and a pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans. It seems as if his friends' gifts pushed him to go into the stores and find out what he likes instead of having his mom buy his clothes and ship them out to Boston.

As part of the interview deal, I must give a "shout out" to the provider of the gifts, his anonymous Suga' Momma....yeah you know who I'm talkin' about.