01 December 2005

mobile post

nice dress from a girl in baker 4.

WHY do you think that she is smiling so much?

30 November 2005

Fashionable Accessories

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Most people think that fashionable accessories stop at cufflinks and tie bars. In keeping up with my previous post "Electronics as a fashion Statement", I would like to show how music can be fashionable. Music, however, is a very broad category, and I would like to condense that to musical instruments. Many people own hard shell cases for their instuments, which keep them protected but also hidden. I decided to show off my beautiful hollow body guitar and hang it up on the wall, along with some of my other instuments.

I have hung guitars in my room for the past couple years and every time I have met someone new, they have always complimented me on the guitars. Regardless of my musical abilities, I have gained respect as the guitar player. In this case, the look of the guitar is more important than the sound, but I am sure that for all other cases any musician would refuse that argument. Still, this guitar sounds just as amazing as it looks.

Who says that guitars can't be fashion? While many people would argue that fashion = clothes, I would argue what constitutes clothes? If I were to wear nothing but a guitar and jeans, would the guitar be considered clothing? It covers part of my body, looks nice, and just happens to be functional as well. Who says you can't look good while rocking out to some emo music?

29 November 2005

Pajama Jam

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College students tend to spend most of their time working, but this still includes hours upon hours spent in their dorm room sitting at their desk - studying. Even if it is a nice day out, with the sun shining, unless all of their work is done, these students are cooped up hard at work. Every once in a while though, most people will throw their books aside to enjoy the pleasures of taking a walk along the river or exploring the tourist sites around the city.

As one of the largest college towns, Boston is full of college students in their dorms, out on the streets and all around the city. However, you will not see many MIT students around because life here is about "studies, studies studies." MIT is not just any college. Along with about 12 hours of class a week, for the average student, (if you attend all of your lectures), the average student will spend over 50 hours studying in order to barely pass their classes. The stress that MIT presents sometimes keeps students from tidying their look, but some of the most comfortable and most attractive pieces of clothing can be found in the pajamas that students wear around the dorm.

Studying in the dorms, there is no reason not to be comfortable and to look good at the same time. Pajama pants come in all different colors, patterns and styles and are fit for everyone - men, women, boys and girls. It can look good with a loose t-shirt, a fitted tank top, or even a matching pajama top. You can tell a lot about a person from their pajamas. The traditional stripped pajamas show that they enjoy the classic look, whereas pajamas with bright green frogs can represent the adventurous personality.

You can find students wearing pajamas at all times of day. Many students sometimes even roll out of bed and walk to class in their pj pants to save time. If you are reading this entry and thinking to yourself that you do not own any pajama pants, make this your next purchase! Trust me, you will be comfortable and love your new purchase. It is the one outfit that you can wear any time of day and almost anywhere on campus. Take advantage of your college life, when everyone knows that your main goal is to find comfortable clothes that are convenient and enjoyable to wear!

Make sure to buy your roommate a nice pair as a nice holiday gift as well!

Casual Underwear

While many MIT students wear PJs while studying. Others choose to wear less. Whether they are minimalists or exhibitionists, there are a certain breed of students who prefer to wear boxers while walking around their living groups. When you put 40 guys in a house together, it would seem that many of them would become comfortable with each other. Part of this comfort involves becoming desensitized with seeing other guys in their underwear. Even when there are guests around, many students do not seem to mind that the fact that they do not wear pants.

This particular student happens to sport the boxers daily. He can be seen wearing them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner in his fraternity.

27 November 2005

Electronics as a Fashion Statement

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Many men's style magazines have articles and specials on tech gadgets and other stylish accessories. At MIT, many students prefer some of the more non-conventional accesories. MIT has harbored a "hacker" culture, and students take pride in figuring out ways to make their electronics work for them.

Here we have a photo of an MIT student with his computer. Both of the LCD monitors are connected to the laptop, which enables him to span his desktop across all screens. This is particularly useful when using multiple applications at the same time. iTunes can be placed on one screen with Microsoft Word on another and AOL Instant messenger on another. Additionally, some students prefer to have a dedicated screen to view their e-mail, while they use the other screens to do schoolwork or browse the internet.